Changing Diapers: the Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering

Monday, November 21, 2011

Scentsy Fundraiser!

Do you love Scentsy?  Well, now you have the chance to shop Scentsy while raising money for the DFW Cloth Diaper Project!  A local consultant is being very generous and donating 15% of the profits to the Project. 

The sale starts NOW and will end on Dec. 30. 2011.  If you want the order to be here by Christmas, you will need to order by Dec. 19.   Any orders placed after Dec. 19 could take up to 3 weeks to deliver (depending on the Christmas rush). 

You MUST shop from this link ( in order for your purchase to go towards this fundraiser.

15% of the sales will be donated to the Project.  However, Jeannie has been very generous!  If sales are over $2000, she will donate 20%!  And if sales are over $4000, she will donate 25%!

This means that if we can collectively purchase $2,000-3,999 in sales now through Dec. 30 by shopping at this link, then we can pay for our Non-Profit Status in ONE fundraiser!  How awesome would that be?!

If you have any questions, please contact Jeannie Lewis at or 817-821-0999. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shop Local: Jack's Choice

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

Jack's Choice is one of our newest local shops.  They are located near Denton.  They are still in their start up phases, and adding more products!  Jack's Choice currently sells cloth diapers, amber necklaces, and adorable crocheted hats!  They would love to feature WAHM's, so if you are interested in partnering, email for more info!

You can find Fuzzibunz and Rumparooz at Jack's Choice.  They also offer a rainbow of Baltic Sea Amber Necklaces!  You can find adorable crocheted hats, made by ABChic Designs. 

Staci, the owner, is very helpful if you are new to cloth diapers!  She is one of our wonderful members and wants to help others make the switch to real diapers.  I asked her why she started her own shop, and rather than summing up what she told me, I will just let her explain:

I figured out when my son was born that I was a lot "crunchier" than I ever thought I would be. When I first started cloth diapering, I started learning as much as I possibly could about it. Though I don't use all kinds of natural products myself, I see the benefits. I also see a need in my area. I've lived in Denton or the Denton area for about 10 years. There are lots of "crunchy" people here, and no stores for this sort of stuff. So, I'd been thinking about it for awhile. I guess I started to freak out one day because I can't find a "real" job to save my life, and what if something happened to my husband? I wouldn't be able to feed my son. In this economy they're saying entrepreneurship is the key. I figured it was now or never. I know it'll take awhile for it to really grow and take off. I do hope to eventually be a brick and mortar store in Denton someday. This is my dream!

Have you shopped with Jack's Choice?  Please share your experience in the comments!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shop Local: Holiday Special!!

Do you own a small, local business? 

Would you like more exposure to your potential local customers? 

I think we can help!

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are BIG shopping days, but you don't need me to tell you that.  If you are having any sales and specials leading up to Christmas, we would love to advertise on our website!

How?  It's easy!

Just make any donation to the DFW Cloth Diaper Project! 

Haven't heard of this amazing organization?  They are a lending program for lower income families in the DFW metroplex.  Many families are having to choose between food and diapers, and the Project wants to prevent this from happening. 

You can donate money or an item for an upcoming auction.  All money raised from the auction will benefit the Project.  We are trying to raise money to become a 501(3)(c) Non Profit Organization.  Your donations will help us get that status, so that we can help more local families with their diapering needs!  In turn, you will get local exposure to boost your sales!

Please Note:  The auction will take place December 5-6.  You will be responsible for shipping to the winner.  The auction winner will contact us, then I will give your information to the winner.  I will let you know who the winner is so you can be sure you are sending the item to the winner. 

If you donate money or an item, we will add your information to a list on our website, with links to your online shop.  If you are feeling generous this holiday season and would like to donate both money and an item, then we will add you to the list, and include an Ad on our site through the end of the year!  Just provide us with an HTML code for the Ad, as well as the information below.* 

*If you are not able to create a "button" for our website, we can do that for an additional $10 donation to the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  We will need the photo you want and the URL you want it linked back to. 

To participate, please email the following information to dfwclothdiapergroup at hotmail dot com:

Your Name
Contact Email
Business Website
What you would like to donate
Details for your holiday Sales (including dates)
HTML code for the Ad if you are donating both an item and money.*

Once we receive this information, we will add it to our website and advertise on our Facebook page.

The deadline is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18 at 5:00 pm.  We will need your information and donation on or before this date in order to list you on our website.  The sooner you respond, the more exposure you will have!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shop Local: Pooter's

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

Our next featured local cloth diaper shop is Pooter's!  Maj is the owner and is very helpful in finding the best diaper for your baby!  Pooter's is open 24/7 online, but Maj will meet you for local pick up if you would prefer.

Pooter's offers a variety of cloth diapers, covers, and accessories to help you get started with cloth diapers. 

If you are looking for a good, affordable fitted diaper, I would recommend the Pooter's Bamboo Fitted diaper!  This is only $10.80, with discounts if you buy 3 or more!  This makes a great night time diaper.  If you have a heavy wetter, then add an insert or doublerWool is a great cover for overnight since it is breathable.  When fully lanolized, the sheets will be dry!  Don't know how to care for wool?  There is a great tutorial found here

If you are expecting a newborn, you should look at the Pooter's newborn fitteds!  They are only $9 each!  There are also several cloth diaper rental packages if you would prefer to rent instead of buy.

In addition to the wonderful Pooter's brand of diapers, you will find a variety of other brands of diapers, including Happy Heiny's, GroVia, Softbums, and Sustainablebabyish (aka: Sbish or Sloomb). 

If you are new to cloth diapering, or trying to troubleshoot a problem, then visit the How-To Guides for helpful information.  Also be sure to check out the clearance section for a great deal!

Stay up to date with the latest Pooter's news by "liking" them on Facebook!  You can also sign up for the Pooter's newsletter on their website

Please share your experience with Pooter's in the comments! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shop Local: Baby Rear Gear

This is a series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

Baby Rear Gear is located in Arlington.  You can call or email Elise to schedule an appointment to shop at their in-home store.  Saturday, November 5 will be their first day to be open for retail hours, from 10:00-2:00!  There will be lots of freebies for giveaways!!  Call or email for details and the address. 

Baby Rear Gear has a variety of cloth diapers and accessories.  They are currently working on their website, but you can call, email, or shop in store to find great products to fit your baby and your budget! 

Baby Rear Gear is a drop-off location for your donations for the DFW Cloth Diaper Project!  If you have any cloth diaper related items you would like to donate, just bring them in while you shop! 

If you haven't tried Bottombumpers yet, then you need to make a trip to Baby Rear Gear!  Bottombumpers is an amazing product, one of Elise's favorite diapers!  It is trim, yet very absorbant!

If you are looking for a great night time solution, Baby Rear Gear offers sustainablebabyish (aka: Sbish or Sloomb) brand of fitteds and wool.  However, because of the very high demand, they are currently out of stock (waiting on shipments from Sbish).  As soon as Sbish are back in stock, you should order them quickly before they sell out again! 

"Like" Baby Rear Gear on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest products, sales, and specials!

Is Baby Rear Gear your local cloth diaper shop?  Please share your experience with us in the comments! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shop Local: Hip Green Baby!

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

Hip Green Baby is located in Anna, just north of McKinney.  Locals are welcome to make an appointement to shop their in-home store.  Kristi, the mama behind HGB, is very helpful in both cloth diapers and babywearing!

Hip Green Baby makes a variety of products, my personal favorite being the hand dyed pre-fitteds!  I am not a fan of prefolds, but I like the simplicity of these.  I sometimes add a bamboo insert for nap or longer car/plane trips, but generally, just the pre-fitted is more than absorbant under a wool cover. 

They carry a variety of cloth diapers, including Kawaii's.  One of my favorite diapers is the Kawaii Bamboo Minky OS diaper I bought from Kristi early this year.  If you are cloth diapering on a budget, but want the ease of pockets, Kawaii is a good option for you! 

Kristi understands that it is sometimes difficult to find the right cloth diaper for you, especially when on a tight budget.  This is why she offers amazing deals on cloth diaper packages

You can also find the cutest cloth trainers, as well as swim diapers and baltic amber necklaces.  Check out the website for many more wonderful products available at Hip Green Baby!

Do you have diapers that need some TLC?  Hip Green Baby offers diaper repairs, including snap conversions and elastic replacement. 

Is there anything better than FREE diapers?  All you need to do is host a Diaper Party and you can earn free diapers from Hip Green Baby! 

Want to know about sales and specials from Hip Green Baby?  Go "like" them on Facebook!

Have you shopped with Hip Green Baby?  How was your experience?

What is your favorite product from HBG? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shop Local: the Nappy Shoppe in Allen

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

This week's feature cloth diaper store is the Nappy Shoppe!  The Nappy Shoppe is located at 1210 W McDermott Drive (Suite 102) in Allen.  If you have ever shopped in store, you most likely called to find out exactly where they were located.  They have a very unique location, that I wish was available in more areas.  They are in the business strip center inside the Advantage storage complex at the north east corner of McDermott and Alma. You can park directly behind the storage office (between CareNow and the Goodyear auto shop), then walk through the black gate to Suite 102.

The Nappy Shoppe is open 5 days a week! 

Sunday - Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday - Friday   10 am - 3 pm
Wednseday  -  6 - 8 pm
Saturday  -  10 am - 4 pm

The Nappy Shoppe has a wide variety of products in stock, ready to go home with you! When you visit the Nappy Shoppe, you will find cloth diapers, detergents, nursing supplies, baby carriers, toys, DIY supplies, and much much more!

If you would like a diaper demo, the wonderful ladies who work there can show you how each diaper works.  It is very helpful to be able to compare diapers side by side before making a commitment to purchase.  For those new to cloth diapering, this is a great way to compare the types of diapers while being able to ask questions about each one.  For the cloth diapering pro, you will be amazed at all of the fluffy goodness!

The Nappy Shoppe also carries a wide range of baby carriers!  If you are interested in babywearing, you can try on different carriers to see which one fits you and your baby the best.  You can receive safe babywearing tips from their expert babywearing guru's!

Cloth 101 and Babywearing 101 classes are now offered in store! 

They make various items in-store.  Training pants, gFlappers, nursing pads, wetbags, and more are locally made with love! 

My personal favorite cloth diaper item is the gFlapper!  Sharni, the owner, designed these for her own son when she used gDiapers before they offered a cloth insert.  I have several gFlappers, both the all bamboo and the bamboo & hemp.  Both are the most absorbant inserts I have ever used.  They offer a variety of gFlappers made from different materials to suit your needs and preferences.  They can be used inside any pocket diaper, as an insert inside any PUL cover, or for extra absorbancy for overnight.  They are extremely versatile!

If you are creative and enjoy making diapers, then you will enjoy the DIY section!  You will find fabric, PUL, thread, snaps, snap pliers, and much more to help you make quality diapers at home.

The Nappy Shoppe is a drop off location for the DFW Cloth Diaper Project!  If you have diapers and accessories you would like to donate, leave them in the diaper pail next to the changing table.

Text CLOTHDIAPER to 41411 for deals, updates, announcements, and more! 

"Like" the Nappy Shoppe on Facebook for the same, as well as informative links and articles related to natural parenting!

Read Sharni's Blog for diaper reviews, tips on cloth diapering, care, babywearing, and more!

Have you visited the Nappy Shoppe?  Please share your experience in the comments! 

Haven't had the chance?  Visit their website and tell us your favorite product you would like to try. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shop Local: Cloth Diaper Services

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops.  Each week, we will feature two local shops!  You will learn where they are located and all about their products.  For a complete list of local shops, visit our website!

This post will feature our two local cloth diaper services. 

Bluebonnet Diaper Service started in May, 2009 after seeing the need for such a business north of Dallas.  They serve the North Texas community.

BlueBonnet Diaper Service, LLC
P.O. Box 222
Valley View, TX US

Their New Mommy Packages are all-inclusive, and include diaper service, prefolds, covers, snappi's, and wetbags!  You can choose 12, 26, or 52 full weeks.

Are you wanting a basic cloth diaper service?  Then check out their many options for Basic & Expanded Services!  From the part-time cloth diapering family, to full-time, you are sure to find the service you need.  Their new Dalmation Service provides full time cloth diaper service on a budget!

In addition to their great service, they also sell cloth diapers, accessories, and detergent

Are you looking for a great gift for a new mom?  You can purchase gift certificates or gift packages!


There is another cloth diaper service in the metroplex, Green Baby Diaper Service, serving Dallas, Rockwall, and Collin counties. 

Green Baby Diaper Service
423 Trout Street, Rockwall, TX 75032

Green Baby offers a varirty of cloth diaper packages!  From Just the Basics to I Don't Want to Miss a Thing! you are sure to find the perfect package for your diapering needs.  There is also a package for you to use your own diapers, without having to wash them (see What's Mine is Mine).  They also provide a Potty Training package!

There is even a package for those who wash their own diapers, but have been battling stinky, repelling diapers.  You can choose the Stash Swap package to trade diapers for one full week.  They will strip your diapers for you, while providing you with a full supply of prefolds and covers.  This is guranteed for 2 weeks, and is the great low price of $35!

To stay up-to-date with the latest Green Baby news, "like" them on Facebook!

North Texas is very fortunate to have not one, but two fantastic cloth diaper services! 

Do you use (or have you used) one of our cloth diaper services?  Please share your experience with us in the comments below!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Keepin' it local, even when "local" isn't next door.

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products.  For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website

On the Cloth Diaper Project's facebook page, someone mentioned they wanted a local shop closer to them so they didn't have to drive so far to shop for cloth diapers.  As we begin our series on shopping local, I thought it would be appropriate to share my response.

We are VERY fortunate to have so many cloth diaper shops in the area!! When I first started cloth diapering, I knew of zero local shops. I asked on online cloth diaper forums, and no one could help me. I finally found out about the Nappy Shoppe and Babies Bottoms and More, and then the others as the Group expanded. But by then, I had a full stash and didn't *need* anything else. I am not a big fan of online shopping, I prefer to see/feel the product before deciding if I want to spend my money on it. And then there is the shipping (which increases the cost of each item, imo)

When I shopped online for diapers, it was very difficult. I bought a few at a time (enough to get free shipping) before deciding if I wanted to order more of that brand, or try something else. I had to wait for them to process the order and ship it to me. It would be a week or so before knowing if I would even like the look of the diaper. I ended up spending more than I needed to on diapers, because of this trial/error with online shopping.

If I had known about local shops, it would be so much easier. Even if I had to drive 1-2 hours, I would have done it in a heartbeat. I could have seen the diapers to compare side by side to know which ones I thought would fit my LO best. I would have felt if they were as soft as I wanted against his skin. I would have had the expert help from the shop owner to answer questions about those specific diapers. I would have gone home that same day with diapers to start trying with E. I would have saved money by not buying diapers that I didn't like the look of, despite having to spend money on gas to get there/back.

Plus, I would have been supporting local wahm businesses.

So many people do not have a CD shop remotely close to them. We have 2 diaper services, 15 retailers, and many wahm shops in this area. That is unheard of! I mentioned this in a meeting with Heather M (president of the Real Diaper Association) and a few other cloth diaper advocates, they were astounded at the number of local shops.

So while I do understand your situation (we've been there so many times, and sometimes still are there -- like this week), I just want to remind you of how lucky we are to have so many shops so close to us! Even if "close" means 45 minutes or more, that is much closer than most others who use cloth diapers.

Ultimately, I think it will still be a better choice financially to make the drive to shop local. You will not spend extra money on items you may not like or on shipping. The shop owners can help you with making the best choice for your family to save you money. Shopping online, it is hard to get that personal service (while many online shops have AMAZING customer service, it is not the same as someone standing in front of you answering questions and showing you items).

I do think it would be awesome to have a shop in that direction, but the interest has to be there on that side of town, and someone needs to start it up:) Keep in mind that all of our local shops are also online, and have a lot of business that is not local. Local sales alone will not be enough to keep them  in business. There are only 2 actual storefronts in our area, with a few others with in-home stores (an area of their home that they have converted to a store). Being a store-front (brick & mortar) takes a lot more investment and on-going costs, which is why it is difficult in this economy for them to be a common thing. Most cloth diaper shops are online only because they cannot afford to open a b&m shop. 

Okay, now I'm off my soap box. Can you tell this is something I'm passionate about, too, lol? I just wanted to share a different perspective on local shops vs online shopping, from a customer's standpoint. Sharni from the Nappy Shoppe has been posting a lot recently about
shopping locally from a retailer vs online from deal a day websites, so she's got my mind going there;) Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this. Feel free to disagree, but this is how I personally feel on the subject.

We went on to have a discussion about this, and while I do understand not everyone can or will shop local, I still feel that you should try to as much as possible.  You can shop online at all of our local shops!  So even if you aren't able to drive there, you can still support them from your home.  Sharni, owner of the Nappy Shoppe, has been blogging about why you should shop local.  Here is a great post that she borrowed from a fellow cloth diaper retailer, about 10 reasons why you should shop local

It is hard for even me to remember how it was to not know about our local shops.  I felt that online was the only place I could go for information about cloth diapers, and places to shop for them.  This is part of the reason I started the DFW CD Group, so that others can know where they can go to get a hands on cloth diaper experience.  I actually feel like I'm cheating in some way if I do not shop locally.  I have to remind myself that most people who make the choice to cloth diaper do not have such a large support group in their area, nor do they have so many choices on where to shop locally. 

While I do not expect everyone to be willing to drive several hours to visit a cloth diaper shop (many drive from surrounding areas, even from Oklahoma, to visit cloth diaper stores in this area), I do hope that there is appreciation for the amazing cloth diaper community we have in the DFW area! 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our amazing local cloth diaper shops! 

What reasons would you add to the top 10 reasons to shop local? 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I do what I do.

I wasn't able to sleep last night, so I figured I would utilize the quiet time and get some work done on the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  As I thought about everything that needs to be done, I became a little overwhelmed.  This, is in addition to family life, church, both global and local committees for the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change, the DFW Cloth Diaper Group (which has 2 monthly meetings, and a very active Facebook page), and recovering from the motorcycle accident.  Any one of those things is a job in and of itself.  I sometimes think I have lost my mind.

So, why do I do all of this?

When I started the Cloth Diaper Group in August 2010, my hope was to meet a few local families with similar interests.  While visiting online cloth diaper forums, the common theme was that everyone felt alone in their choice to cloth diaper.  They felt isolated when their family and friends disapproved of their choice to do what they felt was best for their family.  While I didn't feel this way (I knew a few people in real life who also cloth diapered), I thought it would be fun to have a local group.  So, I started one, unsure of where it would lead. 

It was a slow start, with only 1 person at our very first meet up (followed by no one at the next 4 meet ups).  But in January of 2011, we grew to 100 members!  Suddenly, people showed interest in this little group that I almost regretted starting.  We had about 15 mama's and their babies at that meet up!!  Now we have nearly 800 "likes" on Facebook (and a very busy page!) and two monthly meet ups.  I am blown away, and deeply humbled, by how amazing the group is now.  It is more than I had ever imagined.  I am learning as I go with the group, as I have never done anything like this before. 

I had hopes of what the group would become, but I never thought it would be a reality.  In April 2011, we participated in setting a Guinness World Record (tm) for the most simultaneous cloth diapers changes around the world!  A global event to promote the use of cloth diapers, and we were part of it.  How cool is that?! 

The DFW Cloth Diaper Project seed was planted in my heart a little over a year ago.  I was in line behind a young woman at the store.  She had two young kids with her, and only a few items in her cart.  She had food stamps, but did not have enough cash for the food and diapers in her cart that the food stamps did not cover.  She stood there, trying to decide what to put back.  I told the cashier to add something to my bill, but she ignored me.  I asked her again, but she refused to ackowledge me.  The young girl made her decision and rushed out of the store.  I knew even if I purchased her abandoned food, I would never find her by the time I got to the parking lot.  It broke my heart to think that she had to choose between food and diapers. 

I contacted someone at a local non-profit about possibly leading classes on cloth diapers.  The idea was not supported, though, since they didn't feel their clients would be disciplined enough to follow through.  So I shelved the idea for awhile.  In the spring of 2011, I had the idea to start the Project for a program that helps homeless teen moms.  In the end, that did not work out.  But the idea was there, and we are moving forward, though in a different direction than originally planned.  We will soon be accepting applications for those who are unable to afford both diapers and their household bills. 

I was overwhelmed with how the DFW Cloth Diaper Group responded to this little idea.  Diapers were sent to me in boxes and bags to be used for the families.  We even hosted an online auction to raise money for the Project, where we raised over $350!!! 

I have a passion for sharing the "fluffy love" that has become part of my life.  It has not only given me a hobby, but it has been a great way to meet the most wonderful people!  I have the opportunity to share something that is not only better for our babies, but for our planet and our bank accounts!  Imagine, the very first disposale diapers ever made are still in landfills across the globe.  What kind of world does that leave our grandchildren and their grandchildren?  We did not start using cloth diapers for environmental reasons, but it has become a reason to continue using them.

I do what I do because it has been placed on my heart to help those around me in my community.  It just so happens that it is fun!  I am not paid a penny for any of this, though it sometimes feels like a full time job.  I seriously love what I do. 

Even if I do feel a little insane sometimes.

Fortunately, there are some wonderful people who share the same passion for cloth diaper advocacy that help me out!  I could not do any of this without them.  They keep me sane, simply by knowing they are there to help.  A very special thanks to Elise of Baby Rear Gear for taking everything over last minute for the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011, since I was in the hospital and unable to attend the event.  She did an amazing job, and it could not have happened without her.  I also want to thank Lori (the Gnome's Mom) and Tara of Diaper Solutions for serving on the Project Committee.  I am in the process of creating a committee for the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change, so I want to thank all of you in advance for doing your part in being advocates for modern cloth diapers! 

I also want to thank each and every member of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and all of our local cloth diaper shops.  You are all amazing!  Just by doing what you do, you are making this world a better place.  Yes, that sounds cheesy and mushy, but it is true.  So, thank you! 

Brenda is the founder of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  She and her hubby have been married for 5 years, with 2 amazing boys! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Baltic Amber Review & Giveaway! **CLOSED**

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

We just ended another Inspired By Finn co-op last week.  So, we'll do a giveaway!  Besides, we need a giveaway to celebrate the DFW Cloth Diaper Group turning 1!!  That's right.  August 2011 celebrates our first birthday!

E wearing a 12" Earth Tones Nugget, polished,
from Inspired by Finn.
I first heard of the healing powers of Baltic Amber and Hazelwood in April of 2010 after writing a blog post about my youngest son's acid reflux.  Somehow the owner of Hazelaid found my blog and commented about the healing powers of hazlewood and how my son might benefit from it.  She even offered him a free necklace, but I was skeptical, and put it off.  After that, I started hearing about baltic amber and how it helps relieve teething pains.  Again, I was skeptical.  How in the world could a necklace ease the pain of teething and reflux? 

A few friends of mine (in real life and online) told me that they truly believed that the baltic amber helped their infants teething pains.  So I broke down and ordered one.  But I waited until E was 8 months old to put it on him.  I was nervous about him wearing a necklace, after all, wouldn't that be a choking hazard?!  It was suggested to put it on his ankle, but it never stayed on (either because it fell off or he took it off). 

But at 8 months of age, after finally finding the right medication for his reflux, he was miserable from his very stubborn teeth that were trying to (slowly) break through, I put it on him.  I trusted my friends that he would be fine wearing it.  The only time I took it off was at bath time, then it went right back on.  He even wore it at bedtime, since that is when his reflux seemed to flare up the worst (since he was laying down).  I wasn't sure if it was working, but I kept it on him in good faith.

Raw Color.

Two weeks later, E was completely off of his reflux meications and an entirely different baby!  He was happy, and didn't seem to be in constant pain (from either teething, reflux, or both).  He started playing more.  He even decided he was interested in food (real food, he wanted what we had -- nothing pureed).  We had tried since he was 6 months to offer food (homemade baby food), but he refused.  I believe that his reflux made it too painful to try to eat.

I was a baltic amber believer from that point on!  I know that hazelwood is what is supposed to help reflux, but the amber worked for E, so I kept it on him.  He is 21 months and still wears it.

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but earlier this year I finally bought one for myself.  I have suffered from migraines since I was in the 2nd grade.  As an adult, I have found my triggers and learned how to control them unmedicated (I was on medication for many years).  However, my allergies and sinuses are so bad that I suffered from 2-3 headaches a week (on a good week), in addition to tension headaches.  If I wasn't careful, they could quickly turn into a migraine.

Within just a few weeks of wearing my baltic amber, the headaches became less frequent.  I started having only 2-3 a month, if that.  Again, I was a believer!  I was the biggest skeptic of the healing powers of baltic amber, and now I share it with everyone I can!

Honey Round.  Polished.
Baltic amber comes in a variety of colors.  The theory is that the lighter the color, the more succinic acid is in it (which is the natural pain reliever).  However, many people have luck with the darker colors.  Raw amber is the best, since it is less "processed".  They offer semi-polished and polished, which are both quite successful as pain relievers.  The closer to the area of pain, the better.  For example, for teething pain or headaches, wear it as a necklace.  For back pain, wear it around your waist (they make them special for this).  For knee pain, wear it on the knee.  For the littlest babies, you could buy an anklet so you don't have to worry about your baby wearing a necklace.  It is recommended to wear it on the ankle during bedtime, and as a necklace when under adult supervision. 

Here is a tip on how to get the right size:  Take a string and drape it around your neck (or your child's) so that it lays where you would like the necklace to sit.  Then measure the string to determine which length you need.  For a child, the necklace should be snug, but not tight.  My youngest is now 21 months and I just ordered him a 13" (that fits a little loose).**

You can read more about the wonderful ways that baltic amber or hazelwood can help you at Inspired by Finn's website.  Inspired by Finn offers co-ops with a 25% off discount code for groups of people interested in purchasing from them.  If 15 pieces are purchased, then the co-op organizer receives a free item.  This is where the giveaway comes in!  We just closed a co-op and received a free necklace, but I do not feel right taking the free item for the Cloth Diaper Group's co-op, so it is being offered in a giveaway!


Up for grabs is this 11.5" Lemonade Raw Baltic Amber necklace from Inspired by Finn (pictured below)

11.5" Lemonade. Raw Amber.

To enter, you must be local to the DFW area, and do the following.  Please leave ONE comment per person (ex: I like the Honey Round polished. I would like to try it to help relieve my headaches.).

Winner will be drawn (via Friday, August 12, 2011 at 3:00 pm.

Winner will be announced here and on the DFW Cloth Diaper Group's Facebook page.

In ONE comment per person, please say the following:

Go to the Inspired By Finn website and comment here with your favorite item.

Also let us know (in the same comment) why you would like to try baltic amber or hazlewood (for yourself or your little one).

**These are the opinions of the author.  If you have any further questions on the use of a necklace on an infant/toddler or how to find the right fit, please contact the manufacturer.

Brenda wearing a Honey Round
Polished amber necklace.
Brenda is the founder of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  She and her husband, Ryan, are about to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary!  Brenda and Ryan have 2 sons, Riley (4 years) and Elijah (21 months).  You can read more about their crazy, wonderful life at Adventure's of a Crispy Mama

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Traveling Tots!

We’ve been using cloth for nearly three years, across two kids. We also travel regularly, ranging from short weekend trips to visit family/friends to week-long vacations in fun spots.

For a long time, we used disposables when traveling. This was partly for cost reasons: It’s usually cheaper to buy disposables (with coupons, which I always have since we use disposables so infrequently) than to pay to do laundry. It was also partly because my husband was averse to the idea of traveling with cloth. I didn’t really understand why, but since he wasn’t fully onboard with cloth in general, I figured it was better to respect his feelings and compromise while traveling, in order to maintain his support at home.

But on our last few trips, he’s been open to using cloth, and it’s worked out really well. Our first major trip with cloth was a one-week trip last fall to visit my parents in Atlanta. Then, a few weeks ago, we used cloth on a four-day camping trip. We also have two one-week trips planned for July and September, and we’re planning to use cloth on those as well.

Our essential supplies for traveling with cloth:

Diapers. I’m a prefolds/fitteds girl at home, but I find that I prefer the ease of pockets when traveling. For our upcoming trips, I’m stocking up on Best Bottoms diapers, which consist of a reusable shell and snap-in inserts. I like these for traveling because they are more compact – very important, since space is always at a premium when traveling with kids! Here is what four diaper changes look like with Best Bottoms (on the left, three inserts plus a shell with an insert) and regular BumGenius pockets (on the right):

Extra inserts. If I know my son may need to go longer than usual between diaper changes – for example, on longer drives, or on the plane – I’ll slip an extra insert into his diaper to provide more absorbency and prevent leaks. I usually use Joey Bunz hemp inserts in his pockets, as they do a great job of locking away moisture. For Best Bottoms, there is an “overnight” insert that snaps to the regular insert to add absorbency.

Wipes. At home, we usually wet cloth wipes with plain water and store them in an old disposable wipes container. This setup is easy to travel with. For the camping trip, I brought along the disposable wipes container and some wipes. For the trip to Atlanta, I just brought dry wipes, to save space when flying. We just wet them with tap water when we needed them.

Wetbags. At home, we use a trash can as a diaper pail, but it’s too bulky for travel. Large hanging zippered wetbags take up hardly any space in luggage, contain smells well, and keep dirty diapers safely contained. I have two large Planet Wise wetbags and one large zippered wetbag that I made myself. I usually bring all three; they easily hold up to three days’ worth of diapers. I also bring one or two smaller wetbags to use on daytrips.

Poop disposal aids. At home, we use a spatula to scrape dirty diapers, when necessary (maybe 25 % of the time). On the road, so far, I haven’t brought anything special. Sometimes, I’ll use a bit of toilet paper to clean off dirty diapers, but that’s about it. I’m considering bringing either flushable liners or the spatula on our upcoming trips, though, just to make this part a little easier. If you’re used to using a diaper sprayer at home, you’ll definitely want to give some thought as to how you’ll deal with dirty diapers, as sprayers don’t travel well!

Laundry detergent. I didn’t do diaper laundry on the camping trip. That’s about as long as I would want to go without washing diapers at all. For the trip to Atlanta, I brought a little bit of the detergent we use at home (Country Save) in a Ziploc bag. Since we were staying with my parents, we were able to use their washer and dryer. We washed every 2-3 days, just like at home.

For our two upcoming trips, we found vacation rental properties through Each of the properties has a washer and dryer, so I’m planning to bring detergent again and do laundry there. I’m really looking forward to it! The properties were about the same price as a hotel room, but give us a lot more room to spread out and a full kitchen, as well as the washer/dryer (which should come in handy for regular clothes as well as diapers). It’s a great setup for traveling with kids, with or without cloth diapers, so I think we’ll probably look for vacation rental properties on future trips as well.

That’s it! Traveling with cloth really is a breeze. Give it a try on your next trip!

Lisa and her husband, Richard, are the proud parents of Mia (4 years) and William (17 months). Both kids were flying long before they were crawling! Lisa maintains a blog on traveling with kids, The Traveling Tots.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Traveling with Cloth!

Our next blog series is about traveling with 100% cloth diapers. 

Our little family at the beach for the first time in San Diego!

In May of 2010, we traveled to the west coast to visit my brother and his (then) pregnant wife in San Diego.  I fell in love!  I am a Texas girl through and through, but I could definitely see myself living in San Diego.  Beautiful pretty much sums it up.  We stayed at their 2 bedroom condo, all 8 of us (9 if you include the tiny baby in my SIL's belly;) -- my brother, his wife, my parents, my husband, our (then) 2.5 year old, our (then) 6 month old, and myself.  It was a tight fit, but we had so much fun! 

I decided to go with 100% cloth for the trip, mostly because I was so excited about it!  My brother and his wife showed interest in using cloth for their impending arrival, so I also wanted to show them how easy it was.  They had a small washer/dryer (the 1/2 size kind that is stacked) in their condo that they said I could use.  I forgot to pack detergent, so we got some Tide Original powder while there. 

I packed most of the diapers we had, enough to wash every other day.  I was nervous about checking them, since it's a LOT of money to trust with the airline.  I've never had my luggage lost, but I just knew that this would be the one time they did.  So I packed them all in my carry on so I could keep them close. 

I used Flips with stay dry inserts for the airport and plane rides, there and back.  Very easy.  Well, as easy as it can be to change a diaper on the plane...

Meeting M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

While there, I waited a couple of days until we were almost out of diapers before washing.  Big mistake.  I was used to our normal sized top loader at home.  Their tiny washer could only do about one day's worth of diapers, so I ended up having to do 2 loads on that very busy day.  And the tiny dryer took forever to dry, so all of the pocket shells and Flip covers I line dried in the bathroom, wherever I could hang them.  From then on, I washed every day.

Mid-trip, we planned a trip to Disneyland!!  We had a blast!  We spent a full day there, then stayed at a nearby hotel before another fun-filled day.  And yes, I still used cloth.  I found it was so easy, and not any more difficult than changing disposables while on vacation.  The only difference is our diapers didn't stink up the bathrooms when I was done. 

My little chunker wearing his special
Mickey Diaper (made by Doodle Dypes)!
We were gone a total of 8 days, and E was in cloth 100% of the time.  Riley was on the verge of potty training, and in undies and training pants while there, with cloth at night.  I was so nervous before the trip about juggling laundry while on vacation, but it was much easier than I anticipated.  I just threw in a load while we chatted, then they dried while we went to lunch or dinner (or bed).  I washed each day when I had the chance, and it was not the least bit difficult.  Nor was I tempted to buy disposables once we got there (which I secretly kept in the back of my mind). 

E wearing one of my favorite prints,
made by Doodle Dypes,
at his great-grandfather's house.

Empowered by an 8 day vacation, I knew that our upcoming 5 day long weekend at my husband's grandfather's lake house would be a breeze!  Last 4th of July we packed up to visit my husband's favorite place in the world.  I finally had enough to cloth diaper both of my kids full time (since Riley started going back and forth on potty training), just in time for this trip.  So this time last year, I just put the large basket of diapers in the van along with everything else.  I changed him just like I would with disposables. 

When we stay there, we are outside pretty much the entire time.  It is beautiful there, and right on the water.  The cloth diapers were easy to use while there.  I just made sure our diaper bag was stuffed with enough diapers for the full day, along with wipes and a wetbag.  Easy Peasy.

I knew I could use the washer and dryer there if needed, which I did plan on doing at least once.  I took some detergent with us, but never used it.  Riley did well with potty training that week, and I kept putting off washing the diapers.  That trip we made it the entire 5 days without washing diapers!  We got home in the middle of the night, and I immediately threw the diapers in the wash for an overnight soak.  I added some white vinegar to counter-balance the ammonia that was built up from 5 days worth of sitting and let them soak while we slept.  First thing in the morning, I did several hot wash cycles (minus detergent after the intial wash), then dried them as usual.  They were stink free by mid-day, and we were good again. 

Not last year, but one of my favorites!
This is Riley at 11 months, with his daddy,
at his favorite place!
No cloth diapers under his shorts,
we didn't know about them then.
We have since done a few more long weekend trips with 100% cloth.  After our first trip with cloth, I have never even considered doing disposables while traveling, since cloth is just as easy.  If we go camping or travel somewhere with no washer/dryer access, I plan on using flats and covers and handwashing.  Flats are ideal for handwashing since they are thin and wash/dry easily. 

I hear many people express concerns about using cloth while on vacation.  I encourage you to at least give it a try!  I was so nervous it would be a hassle, but quickly realized it was not.  I am glad I tried it, and will continue to use cloth while on vacation.  Different trips may require something different, but we will find a way to make it work! 

Brenda and her husband, Ryan, are the blessed parents of Riley (4 years) and Eli (19 months).   They enjoy spending lots of time together, especially on the few occassions they travel together.  Their preferred method of travel is by car, it's always an adventure!  You can read about their adventures in Brenda's blog, Adventure's of a Crispy Mama.  Brenda is the founder of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Woolies by Sanddi

I didn't start cloth diapering my son until he was about three months old. I just wasn't able to purchase a lot at one time. I slowly begun to build my stash. After getting comfortable with it, I started looking for night time options. Sylas doesn't sleep through the night, but doesn't fully wake up either. So no diaper changing. I needed to find options so we didn't have leaks. I don't mind changing my sheets but doing so every day can get a little tiring.  After doing some researching, I discovered woolies.

I thought, ew, I bet they're going to be all hot and scratchy. After asking a few questions on Diaperswappers, I started searching. We weren't doing so well finacially there for awhile and weren't able to spend a lot. I found a nice lady on Diaperswappers that did cheapish crochet longies. So I put in for a custom order.

My husband was surprised that I actually ordered some because I can crochet. I had no clue how easy it was! I purchased a pattern and began to hook away! It was then my addiction started. Wool is wonderful. It absorbs and repells liquids. It keeps you warm in the winter and breathes in the summer. It comes in many different types and colors. As I stated before, I've made my own woolies from wool yarn. I've used Wacky Alpacky for custom yarn. You can search on HC for yarns you like. You can also purchase premade woolies there! I cannot knit yet so I had Thready Or Knot knit me some shorties with yarn that Wacky Alpacky dyed. You can do a search on Hyena Cart for more knitters, there's TONS of them! The prices are high because of the time it takes to make them. They're well worth it!

Another amazing woolie is interlock. I have an addiction to Wild Child Woolies.  She is amazing and it's just adorable. Very easy to care for. I haven't used upcycled woolies so I can't comment on them.

Another reaction I get is 'It's too hard to wash.' NO WAY! All of the ways people wash their diapers makes me giggle. You're going to gripe about having to hand wash something after you've had to walk to your washing machine five times to wash one load of daipers? pft. Please. I only wash if they have something on them or if they get poo on them. Otherwise, nope. I own two pairs of interlock I've never washed. We'll wash interlock first. Since Sylas is scooting about, a few pairs have gotten dingy. Usually I wouldn't care but since Brenda asked me to do pictures and a tutorial, I washed them.

Follow the links to view the pictures.

Cute picture of the interlock.  First, I'm going to move my knobs to do a 'warm' wash on 'delicate'. What's that you say? I can't wash wool in my washing machine? Sure I can! And I will!  Fill up the washing machine on a small load. Pour a little of your wool wash in.

I use Naturally Luxe's Wool Wash in monkey farts. Lol.  It has lanolin in it. One less step for me is amazing.

Add your woolies and a few towels. Set it and forget it.  See?  They're still there!  And lay them flat to dry.   It'll take a day to a few days (depending on your house) to dry but they'll be good as new!

When it comes to my knits and crochets, I haven't gotten brave enough to throw them in the washing machine. I was told I could, but I just can't yet.  We're going to wash a pair of crochet shories.

Fill your sink, bath tub, bucket, whatever with warm water. (Like my fancy plug? And ignore the paint stains.)

Pour your wool wash inSwish around.  Squish and swish your woolies.  I like to use a wool bar on the crotch of these woolies. I'm not sure if it helps any but it makes me feel better. I got my wool bar from Crow Mountain Crafts in lavender. Mmmm.  Scrubby scrubby.  Then you squish a bit more.  Squeeze your woolie. Do not wring it.  Don'tLay it on a towelRoll it up.  And step on it.  Bam!  Clean woolies!

These will also take a day to a few days to dry.  These are all of my woolies I have at the moment.  I do have a few more in the works and on the way.  I have a feeling winter will be fun. I've already started stocking up!  I use fitteds or prefolds under my wool.  Our night diaper set up is either a SBish sized fitted with all the soakers or a premium prefold with an infant prefold and Thirsties soaker snappi'd under a WCW soaker.

Sanddi is a SAHM to her 7 month old son, Sylas, and 4 large dogs.  She has been married to her off-shore oilman, Preston, for about 6 years.  They live in the HEB area.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

555 Member Auction!

**AUCTION IS CLOSED!!**  We raised $371!

When we hit 555 fans on our Facebook page, we will open an auction to raise funds for the new non-profit program to help homeless teen moms with cloth diapers!  All proceeds will go straight to the program, to help with start up costs, diapers, and diaper accessories for the babies in need.

Auction will take place on our facbook page, via the photo album.  Each item will be listed, and you bid by commenting on each picture of the prize you wish to win.  The bidding will end at a specified time (will be listed at time of auction).  The highest bidder at the closing will be the winner.  Money will be due within 1 hour after the close of the auction (via PayPal), or the prize will go to the next highest bidder. 

Winner is responsible of contacting the donating company for the prize they won.  Each company is shipping directly to the winner, after payment is verified by the DFW CD Group. 

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs/auction (more will be added as they come in):

One 1-Hour Photography Session, and the winner's choice of their 2 Favorite Full Resolution images with print release, donated by Brandi Thompson Photography.  Value: $195  email

One Custom Cloth Diaper Woolie Cover, donated by FluffaBebe.  Value:  $32  email

One Blissful Booty AIO with 1 free booster, size and color of winner's choice, donated by Blissful Booty.  Value:  $20.60  email to redeem your prize.

One itti bitti tutto, color of winner's choice (in stock only), donated by the Nappy Shoppe (and itti bitti).  Value:  $26.95  email

One Thirsties Duo Diaper, size and color of winner's choice (in stock only), donated by the Nappy Shoppe (and Thirsties).  Value:  $18.50  email

Custom Hooded Towel, donated by Lily Baby.  Value:  $25.  email  Shipping for this item is $5.

Semi-Custom Wool Shorties (size of your choice), donated by Sanddi.  Value:  $30.  email

Custom Wet Bag (fabric of winner's choice, 12"x15"), donated by Sweet Lil' Mama.  Value:  $17.  email

Personalized Monogrammed Robot Tee, size and color of winner's choice, donated by Kalamity Kids.  Value:  $25.95 (includes shipping).  email

One Mini Photo Session, 5 High Res Images (Choose a location from 6 preselected spots across the DFW Metroplex), donated by Stefani Marcus Photography.  Value:  $100.  email

One Raccoon Ear Flap Hat, donated by LolaLand Creations.  Value: $30.  email

Two Drink Cozies, donated by Blessed Creations by Becky.  Value: $12.  email

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wool What?!

When I started looking into cloth diapers over a year ago, I read about wool covers, but had no interest in them what-so-ever!  They were $$, and I didn't really get it.  I read about people's addictions to wool, and how they couldn't get enough.  I understood that (to a point) about cloth diapers, but not the wool.  I did eventually try prefolds, contours, flats, and fitteds -- all of which require a cover to be waterproof.  I just used a regular PUL cover, though, and was not impressed.  I still felt no need to try wool.  No big deal, I loved my pockets, wahm AI2's, and AIO's!  Easy to use and quick changes.  I sold the few fitteds I had (including my favorite doggie pirate BSRB).  No regrets.

Until now.  In January, I decided to try a fitted diaper with PUL cover for overnight.  I was tired of overly stuffed pockets, which worked fine, but sometimes they did leak.  I have heard for over a year (and even recommended) fitteds with wool for a bulletproof overnight solution.  However, I was still intimidated by wool (I hate handwashing!), so I just went with the covers I had.

I first tried the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted with a Thirsties Duo Wrap.  However, after a month I dealt with horrible ammonia issues in only these diapers, which I tried for a month to overcome before admitting defeat.  The Fab Fitteds have microfiber, which was the cause of such stink.  Not a good material choice for all night toddler pee.  I finally went back to pockets, but was determined to find a better, natural fitted that wouldn't give me such stink.  You can read about my battle here.

Tiny Tush Trim fitted with a gFlapper laid inside.
This is great for overnight!!

I bought a Tiny Tush Trim fitted diaper and a Tiny Tush Organic Wool Soaker at Babies Bottoms and More in Farmer's Branch.  After washing and lanolizing the wool (using samples of wool wash) and waiting 3 days for it to dry (the downside to wool -- it takes forever to dry!) and prepping the fitted, E had his first overnight in wool.  Well, not exactly.  I had to wait until after my 2 week hospital/rehab stay following my motorcyle accident.  I had it all ready to try, then we had our accident. But once I came home, he finally had his first night in a fitted and wool!  I added a bamboo/hemp gFlapper from the Nappy Shoppe in Allen to the fitted so he had enough absorbancy.

After one night I was hooked!  I finally understood what all the hype was about.  A leakproof, all night, breathable solution.  And they're cute.  Why did I resist so long?  If only I had caved in and tried wool sooner, I would not have sold my favorite print -- a doggie pirate BSRB (Bagshot Raw Bamboo).  And now BSRB isn't even in business anymore: super sad face.  She probably didn't have that print anymore, anyway.  I loved that diaper (well, not then, but I did love the print!).  I would especially love the diaper now.  I love fitteds under wool, but not under PUL.  

The doggie pirate BSRB that I regretfully sold last year.
So my hunt began.  Since I'm unable to walk (temporarily, a result of my accident), I do a lot of sitting, which means a lot of computer time.  I bought a Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb Organic Bamboo fitted, a Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb Snapless Multi fitted, and a Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb Knit Wool Cover from Baby Rear Gear in Arlington.  She brought them to the May CD meetup, and I couldn't wait to get home to prep the fitteds and lanolize the wool!

4 of my 5 wool covers (counterclockewise starting at top left:
Wild Child Woolies, Sustainablebabyish, Tiny Tush, Fluffabebe)

I started buying more fitteds, and also wool!  So far, I have 5 wool covers: 1 Tiny Tush Organic Wool cover in brown, 1 Sloomb cover in squash, 1 Wild Child Woolies with an adorable dinosaur, 1 Fluffabebe cover, and 1 Just Peachy Knits shorties.  I want 1-2 more wool covers, the problem is deciding what!

Some of the fitteds, a flat, and a contour diaper.

The fitteds I now have are:  3 Sloomb w/snaps, 1 Sloomb snapless, 1 Organic Caboose, 1 Little Fancy Pants, 1 Little Comforts bamboo, 1 secret tester (that I love and want more of!), and 1 that I can't remember the name of (and is in the wash).  I also have some flats that I sometimes use under the wool, and one Tiny Tush Contour

I mentioned I hate to handwash.  Here's the great thing about wool:  You only need to wash it about once every 3-4 weeks!  It is antimicrobial and actaully stays pretty clean, and NO it doesn't stink (unless it has been a few weeks and it's time to wash).  Of course, if poop gets on it, wash it right away.  but other wise, just let it airdry between uses.  It needs to be lanolized to be waterproof (lanolin is a natural sheep by-product that keeps the wool waterproof  I can deal with once every 3-4 weeks, and it's actually very simple!  Hands on time is less than 5 minutes. 

Here's how I wash:

Put 1 tsp per gallon of wool wash in lukewarm water, in either the sink or a small bucket.  I only put enough water to cover the wool, so it depends on how many I am washing at a time (usually 1-2).  Then add wool (turned inside out) and gently swish.  Then let sit for 15-20 minutes (or just go back when I think about it;).  Roll the wool and gently squeeze out excess water (do NOT ring or twist it!).  No need to rinse (according to my wool wash instructions).  Lay on towel while I pour out the dirty water.

The dirty water after soaking for 20 minutes.
I used 1 capful of wool wash, seemed too much.

Rinse sink or bucket, then fill with lukewarm water.  Melt 1 tsp of lanolin in HOT water (boiling water works best but I'm lazy, you may also briefly microwave the lanolin to soften it).  Make sure it is fully melted before adding to the rest of the water, so clumps of lanolin do not stick to one spot on the wool.  Stir and mix well.  Then add wool, ensuring that it is fully submerged (still inside out).  Let sit for 20-30 minutes (or until I remember to get it).  Roll wool and gently sqeeze out excess water (again, do NOT ring or twist!).

Soaking in lanolized water.
Lay wool flat on a towel, then roll it together to gently squeeze out excess water into the towel.  Then lay wool flat to dry, indoors and out of direct sunlight.  I sometimes hang them on the shower curtain rod.  It takes about 3 days for our wool to dry completely.

After gently squeezing excess water, I rolled them in the same towel (one is already rolled up at top of picture).
I have started off using Eucalan wool wash, which I picked up at the Nappy Shoppe.  I am currently using Lansinoh brand lanolin, since that's what I could quickly and easily find at a trip to Target.  There are many brands of wool wash and lanolin, which I plan on trying!  Once I'm out of Eucalan, I will try something else.  Same with the lanolin.  I want lanolin that smells yummy!! 

Overall, wool has been an amazing choice!  If you are looking for a new night time option, or just want something more breathable for your LO's bum, I definitely suggest making the switch!  Or do what I did, and just add it to your stash.  I still like pockets/AIO's for out of the house and under his clothes.  But for a great breathable option in this Texas heat, while at home and at night, E will wear wool!

The newsest addition to the stash:
a Little Fancy Pants fitted and Just Peachy Knits shorties.

 Brenda is mommy to Riley (almost 4) and Eli (18 months).  She started CDing when her yougest was 2 months and they were tired of the high cost of disposable diapering 2 kids!  Her oldest is now potty trained, and she is planning on CDing their next baby (whenever that may be) from birth.  She is the founder of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and the author of Adventure's of a Crispy Mama.