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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shop Local: the Nappy Shoppe in Allen

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

This week's feature cloth diaper store is the Nappy Shoppe!  The Nappy Shoppe is located at 1210 W McDermott Drive (Suite 102) in Allen.  If you have ever shopped in store, you most likely called to find out exactly where they were located.  They have a very unique location, that I wish was available in more areas.  They are in the business strip center inside the Advantage storage complex at the north east corner of McDermott and Alma. You can park directly behind the storage office (between CareNow and the Goodyear auto shop), then walk through the black gate to Suite 102.

The Nappy Shoppe is open 5 days a week! 

Sunday - Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday - Friday   10 am - 3 pm
Wednseday  -  6 - 8 pm
Saturday  -  10 am - 4 pm

The Nappy Shoppe has a wide variety of products in stock, ready to go home with you! When you visit the Nappy Shoppe, you will find cloth diapers, detergents, nursing supplies, baby carriers, toys, DIY supplies, and much much more!

If you would like a diaper demo, the wonderful ladies who work there can show you how each diaper works.  It is very helpful to be able to compare diapers side by side before making a commitment to purchase.  For those new to cloth diapering, this is a great way to compare the types of diapers while being able to ask questions about each one.  For the cloth diapering pro, you will be amazed at all of the fluffy goodness!

The Nappy Shoppe also carries a wide range of baby carriers!  If you are interested in babywearing, you can try on different carriers to see which one fits you and your baby the best.  You can receive safe babywearing tips from their expert babywearing guru's!

Cloth 101 and Babywearing 101 classes are now offered in store! 

They make various items in-store.  Training pants, gFlappers, nursing pads, wetbags, and more are locally made with love! 

My personal favorite cloth diaper item is the gFlapper!  Sharni, the owner, designed these for her own son when she used gDiapers before they offered a cloth insert.  I have several gFlappers, both the all bamboo and the bamboo & hemp.  Both are the most absorbant inserts I have ever used.  They offer a variety of gFlappers made from different materials to suit your needs and preferences.  They can be used inside any pocket diaper, as an insert inside any PUL cover, or for extra absorbancy for overnight.  They are extremely versatile!

If you are creative and enjoy making diapers, then you will enjoy the DIY section!  You will find fabric, PUL, thread, snaps, snap pliers, and much more to help you make quality diapers at home.

The Nappy Shoppe is a drop off location for the DFW Cloth Diaper Project!  If you have diapers and accessories you would like to donate, leave them in the diaper pail next to the changing table.

Text CLOTHDIAPER to 41411 for deals, updates, announcements, and more! 

"Like" the Nappy Shoppe on Facebook for the same, as well as informative links and articles related to natural parenting!

Read Sharni's Blog for diaper reviews, tips on cloth diapering, care, babywearing, and more!

Have you visited the Nappy Shoppe?  Please share your experience in the comments! 

Haven't had the chance?  Visit their website and tell us your favorite product you would like to try. 

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