Changing Diapers: the Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shop Local: Hip Green Baby!

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

Hip Green Baby is located in Anna, just north of McKinney.  Locals are welcome to make an appointement to shop their in-home store.  Kristi, the mama behind HGB, is very helpful in both cloth diapers and babywearing!

Hip Green Baby makes a variety of products, my personal favorite being the hand dyed pre-fitteds!  I am not a fan of prefolds, but I like the simplicity of these.  I sometimes add a bamboo insert for nap or longer car/plane trips, but generally, just the pre-fitted is more than absorbant under a wool cover. 

They carry a variety of cloth diapers, including Kawaii's.  One of my favorite diapers is the Kawaii Bamboo Minky OS diaper I bought from Kristi early this year.  If you are cloth diapering on a budget, but want the ease of pockets, Kawaii is a good option for you! 

Kristi understands that it is sometimes difficult to find the right cloth diaper for you, especially when on a tight budget.  This is why she offers amazing deals on cloth diaper packages

You can also find the cutest cloth trainers, as well as swim diapers and baltic amber necklaces.  Check out the website for many more wonderful products available at Hip Green Baby!

Do you have diapers that need some TLC?  Hip Green Baby offers diaper repairs, including snap conversions and elastic replacement. 

Is there anything better than FREE diapers?  All you need to do is host a Diaper Party and you can earn free diapers from Hip Green Baby! 

Want to know about sales and specials from Hip Green Baby?  Go "like" them on Facebook!

Have you shopped with Hip Green Baby?  How was your experience?

What is your favorite product from HBG? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shop Local: the Nappy Shoppe in Allen

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products. For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website!

This week's feature cloth diaper store is the Nappy Shoppe!  The Nappy Shoppe is located at 1210 W McDermott Drive (Suite 102) in Allen.  If you have ever shopped in store, you most likely called to find out exactly where they were located.  They have a very unique location, that I wish was available in more areas.  They are in the business strip center inside the Advantage storage complex at the north east corner of McDermott and Alma. You can park directly behind the storage office (between CareNow and the Goodyear auto shop), then walk through the black gate to Suite 102.

The Nappy Shoppe is open 5 days a week! 

Sunday - Monday  CLOSED
Tuesday - Friday   10 am - 3 pm
Wednseday  -  6 - 8 pm
Saturday  -  10 am - 4 pm

The Nappy Shoppe has a wide variety of products in stock, ready to go home with you! When you visit the Nappy Shoppe, you will find cloth diapers, detergents, nursing supplies, baby carriers, toys, DIY supplies, and much much more!

If you would like a diaper demo, the wonderful ladies who work there can show you how each diaper works.  It is very helpful to be able to compare diapers side by side before making a commitment to purchase.  For those new to cloth diapering, this is a great way to compare the types of diapers while being able to ask questions about each one.  For the cloth diapering pro, you will be amazed at all of the fluffy goodness!

The Nappy Shoppe also carries a wide range of baby carriers!  If you are interested in babywearing, you can try on different carriers to see which one fits you and your baby the best.  You can receive safe babywearing tips from their expert babywearing guru's!

Cloth 101 and Babywearing 101 classes are now offered in store! 

They make various items in-store.  Training pants, gFlappers, nursing pads, wetbags, and more are locally made with love! 

My personal favorite cloth diaper item is the gFlapper!  Sharni, the owner, designed these for her own son when she used gDiapers before they offered a cloth insert.  I have several gFlappers, both the all bamboo and the bamboo & hemp.  Both are the most absorbant inserts I have ever used.  They offer a variety of gFlappers made from different materials to suit your needs and preferences.  They can be used inside any pocket diaper, as an insert inside any PUL cover, or for extra absorbancy for overnight.  They are extremely versatile!

If you are creative and enjoy making diapers, then you will enjoy the DIY section!  You will find fabric, PUL, thread, snaps, snap pliers, and much more to help you make quality diapers at home.

The Nappy Shoppe is a drop off location for the DFW Cloth Diaper Project!  If you have diapers and accessories you would like to donate, leave them in the diaper pail next to the changing table.

Text CLOTHDIAPER to 41411 for deals, updates, announcements, and more! 

"Like" the Nappy Shoppe on Facebook for the same, as well as informative links and articles related to natural parenting!

Read Sharni's Blog for diaper reviews, tips on cloth diapering, care, babywearing, and more!

Have you visited the Nappy Shoppe?  Please share your experience in the comments! 

Haven't had the chance?  Visit their website and tell us your favorite product you would like to try. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shop Local: Cloth Diaper Services

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops.  Each week, we will feature two local shops!  You will learn where they are located and all about their products.  For a complete list of local shops, visit our website!

This post will feature our two local cloth diaper services. 

Bluebonnet Diaper Service started in May, 2009 after seeing the need for such a business north of Dallas.  They serve the North Texas community.

BlueBonnet Diaper Service, LLC
P.O. Box 222
Valley View, TX US

Their New Mommy Packages are all-inclusive, and include diaper service, prefolds, covers, snappi's, and wetbags!  You can choose 12, 26, or 52 full weeks.

Are you wanting a basic cloth diaper service?  Then check out their many options for Basic & Expanded Services!  From the part-time cloth diapering family, to full-time, you are sure to find the service you need.  Their new Dalmation Service provides full time cloth diaper service on a budget!

In addition to their great service, they also sell cloth diapers, accessories, and detergent

Are you looking for a great gift for a new mom?  You can purchase gift certificates or gift packages!


There is another cloth diaper service in the metroplex, Green Baby Diaper Service, serving Dallas, Rockwall, and Collin counties. 

Green Baby Diaper Service
423 Trout Street, Rockwall, TX 75032

Green Baby offers a varirty of cloth diaper packages!  From Just the Basics to I Don't Want to Miss a Thing! you are sure to find the perfect package for your diapering needs.  There is also a package for you to use your own diapers, without having to wash them (see What's Mine is Mine).  They also provide a Potty Training package!

There is even a package for those who wash their own diapers, but have been battling stinky, repelling diapers.  You can choose the Stash Swap package to trade diapers for one full week.  They will strip your diapers for you, while providing you with a full supply of prefolds and covers.  This is guranteed for 2 weeks, and is the great low price of $35!

To stay up-to-date with the latest Green Baby news, "like" them on Facebook!

North Texas is very fortunate to have not one, but two fantastic cloth diaper services! 

Do you use (or have you used) one of our cloth diaper services?  Please share your experience with us in the comments below!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Keepin' it local, even when "local" isn't next door.

This is a new series about our local cloth diaper shops. Each week, we will feature two local shops! You will learn where they are located and all about their products.  For more information about our local cloth diaper community, please visit our website

On the Cloth Diaper Project's facebook page, someone mentioned they wanted a local shop closer to them so they didn't have to drive so far to shop for cloth diapers.  As we begin our series on shopping local, I thought it would be appropriate to share my response.

We are VERY fortunate to have so many cloth diaper shops in the area!! When I first started cloth diapering, I knew of zero local shops. I asked on online cloth diaper forums, and no one could help me. I finally found out about the Nappy Shoppe and Babies Bottoms and More, and then the others as the Group expanded. But by then, I had a full stash and didn't *need* anything else. I am not a big fan of online shopping, I prefer to see/feel the product before deciding if I want to spend my money on it. And then there is the shipping (which increases the cost of each item, imo)

When I shopped online for diapers, it was very difficult. I bought a few at a time (enough to get free shipping) before deciding if I wanted to order more of that brand, or try something else. I had to wait for them to process the order and ship it to me. It would be a week or so before knowing if I would even like the look of the diaper. I ended up spending more than I needed to on diapers, because of this trial/error with online shopping.

If I had known about local shops, it would be so much easier. Even if I had to drive 1-2 hours, I would have done it in a heartbeat. I could have seen the diapers to compare side by side to know which ones I thought would fit my LO best. I would have felt if they were as soft as I wanted against his skin. I would have had the expert help from the shop owner to answer questions about those specific diapers. I would have gone home that same day with diapers to start trying with E. I would have saved money by not buying diapers that I didn't like the look of, despite having to spend money on gas to get there/back.

Plus, I would have been supporting local wahm businesses.

So many people do not have a CD shop remotely close to them. We have 2 diaper services, 15 retailers, and many wahm shops in this area. That is unheard of! I mentioned this in a meeting with Heather M (president of the Real Diaper Association) and a few other cloth diaper advocates, they were astounded at the number of local shops.

So while I do understand your situation (we've been there so many times, and sometimes still are there -- like this week), I just want to remind you of how lucky we are to have so many shops so close to us! Even if "close" means 45 minutes or more, that is much closer than most others who use cloth diapers.

Ultimately, I think it will still be a better choice financially to make the drive to shop local. You will not spend extra money on items you may not like or on shipping. The shop owners can help you with making the best choice for your family to save you money. Shopping online, it is hard to get that personal service (while many online shops have AMAZING customer service, it is not the same as someone standing in front of you answering questions and showing you items).

I do think it would be awesome to have a shop in that direction, but the interest has to be there on that side of town, and someone needs to start it up:) Keep in mind that all of our local shops are also online, and have a lot of business that is not local. Local sales alone will not be enough to keep them  in business. There are only 2 actual storefronts in our area, with a few others with in-home stores (an area of their home that they have converted to a store). Being a store-front (brick & mortar) takes a lot more investment and on-going costs, which is why it is difficult in this economy for them to be a common thing. Most cloth diaper shops are online only because they cannot afford to open a b&m shop. 

Okay, now I'm off my soap box. Can you tell this is something I'm passionate about, too, lol? I just wanted to share a different perspective on local shops vs online shopping, from a customer's standpoint. Sharni from the Nappy Shoppe has been posting a lot recently about
shopping locally from a retailer vs online from deal a day websites, so she's got my mind going there;) Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this. Feel free to disagree, but this is how I personally feel on the subject.

We went on to have a discussion about this, and while I do understand not everyone can or will shop local, I still feel that you should try to as much as possible.  You can shop online at all of our local shops!  So even if you aren't able to drive there, you can still support them from your home.  Sharni, owner of the Nappy Shoppe, has been blogging about why you should shop local.  Here is a great post that she borrowed from a fellow cloth diaper retailer, about 10 reasons why you should shop local

It is hard for even me to remember how it was to not know about our local shops.  I felt that online was the only place I could go for information about cloth diapers, and places to shop for them.  This is part of the reason I started the DFW CD Group, so that others can know where they can go to get a hands on cloth diaper experience.  I actually feel like I'm cheating in some way if I do not shop locally.  I have to remind myself that most people who make the choice to cloth diaper do not have such a large support group in their area, nor do they have so many choices on where to shop locally. 

While I do not expect everyone to be willing to drive several hours to visit a cloth diaper shop (many drive from surrounding areas, even from Oklahoma, to visit cloth diaper stores in this area), I do hope that there is appreciation for the amazing cloth diaper community we have in the DFW area! 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our amazing local cloth diaper shops! 

What reasons would you add to the top 10 reasons to shop local? 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I do what I do.

I wasn't able to sleep last night, so I figured I would utilize the quiet time and get some work done on the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  As I thought about everything that needs to be done, I became a little overwhelmed.  This, is in addition to family life, church, both global and local committees for the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change, the DFW Cloth Diaper Group (which has 2 monthly meetings, and a very active Facebook page), and recovering from the motorcycle accident.  Any one of those things is a job in and of itself.  I sometimes think I have lost my mind.

So, why do I do all of this?

When I started the Cloth Diaper Group in August 2010, my hope was to meet a few local families with similar interests.  While visiting online cloth diaper forums, the common theme was that everyone felt alone in their choice to cloth diaper.  They felt isolated when their family and friends disapproved of their choice to do what they felt was best for their family.  While I didn't feel this way (I knew a few people in real life who also cloth diapered), I thought it would be fun to have a local group.  So, I started one, unsure of where it would lead. 

It was a slow start, with only 1 person at our very first meet up (followed by no one at the next 4 meet ups).  But in January of 2011, we grew to 100 members!  Suddenly, people showed interest in this little group that I almost regretted starting.  We had about 15 mama's and their babies at that meet up!!  Now we have nearly 800 "likes" on Facebook (and a very busy page!) and two monthly meet ups.  I am blown away, and deeply humbled, by how amazing the group is now.  It is more than I had ever imagined.  I am learning as I go with the group, as I have never done anything like this before. 

I had hopes of what the group would become, but I never thought it would be a reality.  In April 2011, we participated in setting a Guinness World Record (tm) for the most simultaneous cloth diapers changes around the world!  A global event to promote the use of cloth diapers, and we were part of it.  How cool is that?! 

The DFW Cloth Diaper Project seed was planted in my heart a little over a year ago.  I was in line behind a young woman at the store.  She had two young kids with her, and only a few items in her cart.  She had food stamps, but did not have enough cash for the food and diapers in her cart that the food stamps did not cover.  She stood there, trying to decide what to put back.  I told the cashier to add something to my bill, but she ignored me.  I asked her again, but she refused to ackowledge me.  The young girl made her decision and rushed out of the store.  I knew even if I purchased her abandoned food, I would never find her by the time I got to the parking lot.  It broke my heart to think that she had to choose between food and diapers. 

I contacted someone at a local non-profit about possibly leading classes on cloth diapers.  The idea was not supported, though, since they didn't feel their clients would be disciplined enough to follow through.  So I shelved the idea for awhile.  In the spring of 2011, I had the idea to start the Project for a program that helps homeless teen moms.  In the end, that did not work out.  But the idea was there, and we are moving forward, though in a different direction than originally planned.  We will soon be accepting applications for those who are unable to afford both diapers and their household bills. 

I was overwhelmed with how the DFW Cloth Diaper Group responded to this little idea.  Diapers were sent to me in boxes and bags to be used for the families.  We even hosted an online auction to raise money for the Project, where we raised over $350!!! 

I have a passion for sharing the "fluffy love" that has become part of my life.  It has not only given me a hobby, but it has been a great way to meet the most wonderful people!  I have the opportunity to share something that is not only better for our babies, but for our planet and our bank accounts!  Imagine, the very first disposale diapers ever made are still in landfills across the globe.  What kind of world does that leave our grandchildren and their grandchildren?  We did not start using cloth diapers for environmental reasons, but it has become a reason to continue using them.

I do what I do because it has been placed on my heart to help those around me in my community.  It just so happens that it is fun!  I am not paid a penny for any of this, though it sometimes feels like a full time job.  I seriously love what I do. 

Even if I do feel a little insane sometimes.

Fortunately, there are some wonderful people who share the same passion for cloth diaper advocacy that help me out!  I could not do any of this without them.  They keep me sane, simply by knowing they are there to help.  A very special thanks to Elise of Baby Rear Gear for taking everything over last minute for the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011, since I was in the hospital and unable to attend the event.  She did an amazing job, and it could not have happened without her.  I also want to thank Lori (the Gnome's Mom) and Tara of Diaper Solutions for serving on the Project Committee.  I am in the process of creating a committee for the 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change, so I want to thank all of you in advance for doing your part in being advocates for modern cloth diapers! 

I also want to thank each and every member of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and all of our local cloth diaper shops.  You are all amazing!  Just by doing what you do, you are making this world a better place.  Yes, that sounds cheesy and mushy, but it is true.  So, thank you! 

Brenda is the founder of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  She and her hubby have been married for 5 years, with 2 amazing boys!