Changing Diapers: the Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

“I don’t need a washer and dryer for my fluff, I have the Laundromat”

My name is Danae and I am a cloth diaper addict. I love fluff. I love deals on fluff and I love having my kiddo in fluff.  I also do not have a washer or dryer. That’s right! I am a Laundromat gal! I live in small apartment with NO connections. So it's not like I don’t want them, (I like to go to sears and drool over all the HE washers) it is just not possible.  Like any other cloth diapering mommy, I have worked out my routine to fit our family. And I pretty much do it like everyone else.  YES! It IS possible to do it! And it is NOT a lot of work like some mama’s may think. It does take a bit to get into a routine and know your Laundromat.

What is my routine like? I have a step on diaper pail that gets full about every 3 days.  So every 3 days I do a quick soak in our bath tub (this is just personal preference) and I walk to my Laundromat and wash once on hot and once on cold (also a personal preference). Easy Peasy.  A couple of reasons I love this.  Reason #1 – It gives me an excuse to clean the bathroom/tub. We all share one bathtub so I need to clean it often anyway. Reason #2 – I get some good exercise and fresh air walking to and from the LM (Laundromat).  I can’t say it has taken an extreme amount of effort. 

Something’s you should know:

Do not use the front loading washers at your LM.  Lots of people will put powder in them and it builds up. Def not good for cloth. It has never bothered me because the top loaders are cheaper, don’t have residue and clean them better anyway.

$1-2 every 3 days is still cheaper (WAY cheaper) than $100/month for disposable diapers.  I don’t always dry my diapers in the dryer because I prefer to save that extra dollar. When I do, it is mainly to get the diapers softer.  I will usually wash some other load of laundry so I can throw everything together since I don’t need the diapers in the dryer for a whole 45 mins.

You don’t normally have to worry about someone stealing your diapers.  Unless you live in some sort of cloth diaper addicted area, your fellow laundromatey’s probably don’t know what they are anyway.

Don’t let funny looks deter you. Most people are just curious. I’ve had a couple of people ask and be surprised and kind of in awe. I have never had anyone complain :)

How do I make my washes easy and fast? I have a “cloth diaper bag”. It contains a container of detergent, more than I need, but not enough to weigh me down. Anything I might use for my cloth, Tea Tree oil, Bac-out, Funk Rock, and Dryer Balls. I always keep it in the same bag so when I am ready to wash, I just grab it and go. I don’t always use everything, but I know I won’t look for anything like crazy if I do.  Wool dryer balls. Some Laundromats will have you pay .25 for every certain amount of time. I usually do this when I just want to soften my diapers. Wool dryer balls help speed the process and I don’t have to waste a lot of moneyDrying rack. This is especially handy if you have a patio or balcony.  You can sun your diapers outside this way without hanging them off of the fence.  A good baby carrier. Sometimes I wash during the day and I usually have Lily B with me. I just put her in the Boba in a back carry and go on with my washing routine.

So for those of you moms who have wanted to cloth diaper but are afraid of the Laundromat, don’t be! You CAN do it! It IS easy and once you get your routine down, you won’t even think twice about it. Not having a washer and dryer is no excuse!  Happy washing!

Danae is the proud mommy to beautiful Lily B!  She is the owner of Lily Baby, and makes custom blankets, lovey's, hooded towels, and more.  You can also follow her on Facebook, with her helpful page, Fluff Addict at the Laundromat.

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