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Monday, July 9, 2012


Yep, I am moving.  But not too far.  We are moving to Jacksboro (west of Decatur and Bridgeport).  I will not be directly in the metroplex anymore.  :-(  But it is a great opportunity for us to save money towards buying our own house! 

What does this mean for the DFW Cloth Diaper Group

Not much, actually!  I will still have a strong online presence on our Facebook Page and Chat Group.  And with the changes coming up with the meetups (read HERE to find out more), there isn't a need for me to be at each one.  I didn't know about the move when deciding to put the changes in place, so it worked out well!  Later this week I will be getting an application up and start doing phone interviews to find people to help lead the area meetups. 

The DFW Cloth Diaper Project will go on, we will just have to find new storage for the donated diapers (since they are all currently in my house).  We are working on this now.  I will have to become more of a background role, and won't be able to meet with clients much.  I enjoy this part of it, but we also have a great committee of mama's to take over for me.  So for now, we will remain closed to new applications until we have the details worked out.

I am happy to know there is even a cloth diaper store (somewhat) close to where we'll be!  Cushy Tooshie is in Decatur.  Not that I need anything, as E is on the verge of potty training, but still good to know!

Maybe I'll start a new trend and get a bigger cloth diaper community moving out in the country?!  I'm hoping there will be enough interest in the Decatur area for meetups.  I will still come to the metroplex for some of the meetups, but it will be hard to do each month.  I will miss seeing everyone I've had the privilege to meet since starting the Group.  I have made many friends, and I love seeing the connections that are made within the Group. 

I was hoping the rest of our summer would be calm before Riley starts kindergarten.  We've had 6 straight weeks of go-go-go!  (Literally - 3 big trips and 2 smaller ones, plus 2 weeks of family visiting from out of state!)  Now the rest of our summer will be spent packing and purging everything we own and getting the house ready to sell.


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