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Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Simple. Real Diapers: Outreach

Real Diaper Week is here!!  The DFW Cloth Diaper Group is so excited to be participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Change again this year!  For those of you who don't know, the GCDC is an event to raise awareness for cloth diapers.  This year we are attempting to break last year's World Record of 5,026 babies simultaneously changed into a cloth diaper around the world. 

We are participating in the Real Diaper Week Blog Hop! 

This year, Real Diaper Week was introduced to help YOU advocate for cloth diapers in your local community.  The theme is "Real Simple.  Real Diapers."  Each day this week we will focus on the daily topic, and we encourage you to share this with your friends and family!

Different types of cloth diapers.  This was for 2 kids in cloth full time.

Today we will focus on Types of Cloth Diapers.

Back in the day, cloth diapers were basic, without options.  Prefolds or flats under plastic pants were basically it.  Let's not forget about diaper pins!

Today, you can choose from pockets, AIO's, fitteds, prefolds, flats, contours, hybrids, synthetic or natural materials, wool, PUL, snaps, hook & loop, pins, Snappi, Boingo... so many options!  And that's not even getting into all of the brands or accessories!!

One of the things I hear the most from those researching cloth diapers is how overwhelmed they are by all of the choices.  I always tell them to a) take a deep breath, and b) to know that you don't have to commit to one style/brand of diapers.  Try what you think you will like, and go from there.

Pockets and AIO's (all in one's) are great for those who want a quick diaper change with an easy to use diaper.  These are also very user friendly for those who may be unfamiliar with cloth (such as grandparents, sitters, and daycare).

Hybrids (aka: AI2's - all in two's) are great for those who wish for a system where you can reuse the outer shell, but use a new insert.  These are a good alternative to prefolds.

Fitteds, prefolds, and flats are a great option for those who want more natural materials against baby's skin.  Under a wool or fleece cover, this is a fantastic, breathable night time diaper!  Prefolds and flats are also the most economical choice of cloth diapers.

Accessories.  Really, the only accessory you need is your baby.  However, there are some things that will make cloth diapering easier.  A wetbag for using cloth out of the house, a diaper pail to store dirty diapers at home, and wipes to clean them up (I love my cloth wipes more than disposable wipes!).  Any other accessories are optional.

HERE is a complete list with descriptions of the types of diapers, as well as a video made by Amanda of Old School Cool cloth diapers (a local wahm!). 

What does this have to do with outreach?  Easy!  SHARE this with your friends and family to let them know that cloth diapers aren't what they used to be! 

I have converted several friends to cloth by doing these basic steps:  Use cloth.  Share articles.  Be available.  Who knew it could be so easy?! 

If you are looking beyond the basics, here are a few more ways you can advocate for cloth diapers.  I challenge you to try at least one of these things:

  • Wear a cloth diaper advocacy pin!  "Real Simple. Real Diapers." or "Ask me about cloth diapers!"  Available here and here. 
  • Host a Cloth Diaper 101 class with your mom's group, at a hospital or birth center.  We are here to help you with this, and will hopefully be organizing classes in the coming months!
  • Invite a friend to one of our monthly meetups.
  • Invite a friend to the Great Cloth Diaper Change, and let them borrow a cloth diaper (or three!) to use. 

DFW Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Saturday, April 21, 2012
10:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Vendor Expo and GCDC Event!

University Christian Church
2720 S. University Dr
Ft Worth, TX 76109

For more information about our local Great Cloth Diaper Change, visit our website. 
This post was written by Brenda, founder of the DFW Cloth Diaper Group and the DFW Cloth Diaper Project.  She is wife to Ryan (5.5 years), mommy to two boys, Riley (4.5) and Eli (2).  She is looking forward to attending the GCDC for the first time, even though it is her second year planning.  She has been instructed NOT to get on a motorcycle again until after the GCDC.

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